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Market day in Nizza Monferrato – five portraits


Friday is market day in Nizza Monferrato, so I went and took some photos.

Now they say that when you are packing a 50 prime glass, you have to move your legs.
Zoom lenses make it different, you can sit on a bench on the square, watch the world go around, and basically get as close as you need, inconspicuously, and take your photos.
Framing and composing a photo with a 50 lens requires for you to move, and you’ll need to get close.
It also requires a certain amount of cheek, because you are intruding on other people’s private lives, and collecting images.

So I gave it a try, this morning, as it was market day in Nizza Monferrato.
I went in with the crowd and tried to catch a few snapshots.
Colors and impressions of the market, yes, but also something about people on the town on a market day.
Because in a rural area, if you want to see the people, you have to go to the market, and catch their expressions, their moves, their attitude. They are here to do business, to shop, to meet friends, relax, or chat about politics. Some go to the barber, some look for new clothes, some have breakfast.

Here are five portraits, taken this morning.
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