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Looking for the Templar Knights in Southern Piedmont


We spent a beautiful Sunday exploring the mysteries of the Templar knights in Southern Piedmont, thanks to a very nice tour offered by Alto Monferrato Gusto & Tour – a purveyor of fine typical local foods that also designs and delivers quirky, unique and flexible tours of the hidden beauties of the Piedmontese countryside.
We spent the morning in wonderful Saliceto, once the seat of a Templar house and now a quiet and quaint village on the Appennine, in the Cuneo province. A perfect pit-stop for hiking and mushroom-hunting.
We explored medieval and renaissance churches, and visited the castle.
And saw lots of cats.
A great experience (and cheap!), that we will certainly repeat in the future (there’s more tours being planned).
Here are just some of the photos of our day (click on pictures to enlarge).




  1. I love the castles and the attached history… the cats are a different story.

    • Cats are cool 🙂
      And for a while, as we walked the alleys of the Medieval town, we were escorted by a small band of four or five beautiful strays, with an obvious Persian forefather somewhere. It was weird, but quite fitting.

    • The Saliceto castle is wonderful, filled with secrets, and by visiting it (there’s a small fee – 4 euro) we help the restoration of the parts that are not yet open to the public.

  2. I love seeing architecture in the places I visit such as this. Must have been a great day.

  3. I am a big fan of anything Templars and this looks like paradise! So much history… love it!

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