A Walk in Nizza

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A Walk in Nizza: Cars


I went for a walk in Nizza, tonight – with my old Canon in tow to take advantage of the golden hour.
The evening was very pleasant, a cool breeze giving the city relief from the heat and humidity of these early August days, and given the time – between 8 and 9 pm – the streets were clear of people, everybody being somewhere having dinner, or getting ready to go out for dinner.
I took some photos and explored a few corners of the town.
There’s a lot of gorgeous views that, as the sun disappears beyond the horizon, acquire a sort of magical light.


There’s only one problem: there are cars everywhere.
This is a big problem all over Italy – a country that over fifty years slowly but steadily dismantled the public transport system to favor the development of highways and the sales of cars.
In a (mostly) beautiful place like Nizza, the ubiquitous presence of cars is particularly painful.
Cars crowd the cozy Piazza delle Erbe, where the vegetable market is held every Friday.

piazza delle erbe, agosto

Cars crowd the vast Piazza Garibaldi, hiding from view the Foro Boario (the cattle market).
Hopefully, next week many Nicese will take a week off on vacation.
It will be great, finally seeing the town without its shroud of metal and wheels.


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